Andres Jimenez Congo Participation and Views of Congo before the Road

Interviewee: Andrés Jiménez
Excerpt Description: In this excerpt, Maestro Andrés discusses his participation in the tradition and the negative ways in which some members his parents' generation, newer community members, and outsiders sometimes viewed the Congo tradition in the early twentieth century prior to the advent of "the road."
Entire Interview: Listen to the full interview and read the transcript.
Interviewer: Renee Alexander Craft
Secondary Interviewer: n/a
Date of Interview: 26-Feb-03
Interview Location: On the front porch of Andrés Jiménez' family restaurant in Portobelo, Panama
Interview Transcribed By: Gustavo Esquina, Oronike Odeleye
English Translation By: Oronike Odeleye
Ethnoracial Identity Discussed: Afrocolonial, Afrodescendiente, La Raza Negra
Cultural Identity: Congo
Location Mentioned: Portobelo, Panama
Congo Spaces:
Congo Characters: N/A
Congo Tradition Mentioned: N/A
Cultural Organization: N/A
Themes Mentioned: Before "the road", Congo tradition
Cultural Festivals: N/A
People Mentioned: N/A
Time Period Mentioned: 1932-1946, Before "the road"
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